John Lennon – Double Fantasy Promotional Item (Rare!)

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Extremly Rare Promotional Item for John and Yoko’s ”Double Fantasy” album.

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Offered for sale is an extremly rare promotional item for the last album John Lennon released in his lifetime. It is very rare and besides some minor damage because of its age it is in an overall good condition.

Double Fantasy is the fifth album by John Lennon and Yoko Ono released in 1980. It is also the seventh and final studio album released by Lennon during his lifetime. The album was initially poorly received. However, following Lennon’s murder three weeks after its release, it became a worldwide commercial success and went on to win the 1981 Album of the Year award at the 24th Annual Grammy Awards.

The item measures 75.5 cm (L) x 101 cm (W).

The tracklist of Double Fantasy

  1. (Just Like) Starting Over.
  2.  Kiss Kiss Kiss
  3.  Cleanup Time
  4.  Give Me Something
  5.  I’m Losing You
  6.  I’m Moving On
  7.  Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
  8.  Watching The Wheels
  9.  Yes, I’m Your Angel
  10.  Woman
  11.  Beautiful Boys
  12.  Dear Yoko
  13.  Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him
  14.  Hard Times Are Over