George Harrison Autograph

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George Harrison Autograph – PSA AH04819

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Also certified by PSA: AH04819

This beautiful George Harrison autograph was signed before he recorded an interview with his wife Olivia for the Wogan Show. He did appeared on the show to support his wife.

”Despite being a private man, the ex-Beatle appeared on the Wogan show to support his wife, Olivia, who was at the forefront of the Romanian Angels Appeal, which first marshalled public opinion to try to help the child victims of President Ceausescu’s tyrannical reign”.

This interview was recorded on 20-6-1990 and aired on the television two days later.

The authenticity of this autograph can easily be guaranteed because it came directly from the BBC. The autograph book of the BBC was at one point auctioned for ”Children in Need” and most recently auctioned here;

Despite the fact that the authenticity of this autograph is easily guaranteed it also comes with our certification of authenticity.

The interview with George and Olivia on the Wogan Show (20-6-1990, aired 2 days later) can be found here;